Disk shaped polishing compounds of optical quality that smooths
the bores surface by fire lapping it with little steel removal. This
product can be used to polish your bore as smooth as glass.

Consistency, Accuracy
Decreases: Bore Cleaning, Vibration, Fouling and Friction
Polishes: The Bore evenly from throat to muzzle

Some of the advantages of PUFF-LON fire lapping ballistic filler over
other fire lapping procedures:

Continuous polishing throughout the length of the barrel.
Consistent pressure for required reduced loads.
Optical quality dish shaped polishing particles.
An easier procedure to do.

Puff-Lon fire lapping ballistic filler is made with optical disk shaped
polishing compounds, which makes it difficult to embed into surface you are
trying to polish. The polish is impregnated into a lightweight 100% Pure
Cellulose that is compressible and has resiliency. It is granulated so it can
be handled with the same ease as your gunpowder and has an infinite

The kit contains four grades of polishing compound:

Use on new production barrels to smooth out machining marks or
barrels with erosion or corrosion.
Medium: Use after coarse or on medium smooth barrels.
Fine: Use after medium or on smooth barrels.
Extra Fine: Use after fine or to achieve a mirror finish inside the bore. Use
Puff-Lon "Lubricating Ballistic Filler" to keep it that way.

CAUTION: All loads should be at least 15% below SAAMI maximum
recommendations. Crimp your bullet in place. Do not seat bullet touching
forcing cone. Lube all bullets that have lube grooves. Disconnect the gas
tube on gas-operated automatics if you
DO NOT wish to polish the piston
assembly. For best Accuracy during lapping process, do not use boat tail
bullets. Do not use fast burning smokeless powders such as pistol or
shotgun powder when near maximum load in rifle cartridges.

DISCLAIMER: Safe reloading practices are the responsibility of the loader.
Unsafe reloading may result in serious injury including death and/or
damage to personal property.
Puff-Lon and it's agents, distributors and
assigns assume no responsibility for injury or damage resulting from the
improper use of this product.

Thank you for purchasing Puff-Lon fire lapping ballistic filler kit. Lapping
by firing cartridges that have abrasive fillers is a new concept. Every gun
will benefit from bore lapping. Cleaning will be easier and accuracy will be
improved. The bore lapping process removes only a small amount of steel,
therefore it will not remove deep pits but does smooth the edges of them.