Instruction for loading Puff-Lon Fire Lapping Filler into the cartridge:

NOTE: The most efficient way to load the polishing compound in the
cartridge is to start with the finest polishing compound you are going to
use. This way there will be no harmful cross contamination and no need
to immaculately clean all your working tools between compound changes,
best done by using disposable towels are a vacuum or take your
Polishing Kit, funnel and powder loaded cartridges out doors and put
your filler in.

  1. Mark all brass to show which grade polisher is to be put in each case (exp.
    C,M,F,X). Load gunpowder charges into brass as usual (Below maximum
  2. Load Puff-Lon fire lapping filler on top of gunpowder and fill to top of your
    brass. (Slowly sprinkle in with a standard funnel and scoop). NOTE: When
    filled to top of case, place a clean plate under your case to catch excess
    filler, which may be recycled. If static cling exist, use a dryer anti-static cloth.
  3. Seat your bullet as usual and crimp. Compress the column of Puff-Lon filler
    at least 20% in the cartridge. Compressed loads are necessary to hold
    gunpowder in place. NOTE: When using high volume of Puff-Lon (over
    50% case capacity or shallow seated bullets) tap down or us a ramrod to
    compress the filler then refill to top of brass.
  4. Clean gun barrel prior to fire lapping to remove all signs of fouling.
Instructions for lapping the bore:

  1. Start with the coarsest abrasive you will be using first. Accuracy will be good
    during the process, so have fun while you work.
  2. Proceed in small steps. No more than five shots before checking and
    cleaning the bore. Since every barrel is different, there is no way to tell you
    how to achieve the optimum results in lapping your bore. We provide the kit
    and you do the rest.
  3. You must clean the bore and chamber thoroughly each time you move to a
    finer abrasive to remove all traces of the coarser abrasive.
  4. Keep tract of your progress with your available equipment. This can be
    done in several ways. A dry patch feeling for tight spots or overall friction.
    Slug the bore then carefully inspect and measure the slug. An over all
    length gauge to keep track of the metal removed from the cone. Use a bore
    scope to do a visual inspection.
  5. Fire five rounds then clean and inspect bore. If you fill the bores roughness
    is decreased, move on to the next finer abrasive. Always move towards
    extra fine. Do not over use.
  6. After shooting Puff-Lon fire lapping ballistic filler, we recommend using
    Puff-Lon "Lubricating Ballistic Filler" to keep that extra smooth finish.
Happy Shooting