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This is the test gun, a New England 223. If you would like to make your own
test gun holder, it can be done by the following:
  1. Find a tress 10'' to 14" in diameter.
  2. Drill a hole through the tree the same diameter as the barrel of your
    gun about 5' above ground(This height allows recoil). The hole must
    be in the same direction of your target. You can look through the hole
    after drilling to see if your hole is true and straight. If you miss your
    target, move up or down the tree and try again or if possible move your
    target to line up with your hold.
  3. Cut tree down about 5 or 6" above your true hole and square off sides
    of stump.
  4. Take a chain saw and split the stump in the same direction of your
    target, splitting the hole you drilled in the process and cut 2 ft. past
    your drilled hole.
  5. Drill 4 holes (two above and two below your first hole) 90 degrees from
    your first hole for a 5/8" all thread bolt.
  6. Put gun barrel in first hole and tighten down the 5/8" bolts.
  7. Bore sight if possible. Load a bullet in gun and try it out.