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Lubricating Filler - 500cc $25.95 (Plus $4.00 S&H)
Lubricating Filler - 1500cc $54.95 (Plus $6.00 S&H)
Puff-Lon Quality Products
The Story Of Puff-Lon
Lubricating Ballistic Filler
Lubricating Accuracy Chronograph Reading
Lubricating Moisture Resistance
Lubricating Cleaner Brass
Lubricating Ingredients and Ballistics
Lubricating Internal Ballistics
Lubricating Gun Testing
Lubricating Caution and Instruction
Bore Polishing Kit
Commerical Ammunition Manufactor
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Pricing and Ordering
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30 Day Money Back
The folks here at Puff-Lon Quality Products want
you to feel completely confident and safe when
ordering our product. To help ease the tension,
we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all
orders placed. If for any reason you are not
completely satisfied with your order, we will be
more than happy to refund your money or
replace the product at your choice.
(Minus Shipping)
By Phone Call: (254)729-8527 or 1-800-369-4518

Postal Service
Mail Orders to:
344 LCR 759
Groesbeck, Texas 76642
Bore Polishing Kit
$49.95 (Plus $6.00 S&H)
Fire Lapping Ballistic Filler
4 Compounds
Worlds Best Household Oil  
$7.95 ($2.00 S&H)
PTFE, Lubricants, Rust Inhibitors
1.25 FL.OZ
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