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Dear Shooter:

Puff-Lon is a lubricating ballistic filler that
eliminates the air space inside an ammunition
cartridge and smooths the barrel with its
all-natural dry lubricants. Puff-Lon has been in
development for over 9 years and
in the consumer market since January 2002.
During all these years our customer reports
have been positive with no unpredicted mishaps.
We feel use of our product could be of benefit to
The testing of Puff-Lon has shown:

  • An increase in the accuracy of any flat base
    bullets with smokeless or black powder
  • An increase in the longevity of a firearm
  • A decrease of the total maintenance of a firearm
  • Very large increases in accuracy on cartridges
    with large air spaces such as B. P. C.  With
    smokeless powder and sub-sonic rifle cartridges
  • Makes duplex loads possible and practical
  • Greatly slow down throat erosion
  • More reliable of the cycling of gas operated
    automatics - especially with reduced loads
  • Ending first-round-pop in some suppressors
  • Works with manual or automated powder
  • Can replace wads and gas checks
  • Isolates grease wads