Worlds Best Household Oil
Lubricants have one purpose, to lower the friction between
two surfaces. The longer it lubricates the better the
"Worlds Best Household Oil" has a very high
percentage of Du Pont PTFE solids blended with high
quality lubricating oils and rust inhibitors. PTFE is one of
the most stable materials know, PTFE will not oxidize and
is not affected by acid, alkali sunlight or time, Not to
mention, PTFE has superior lubricating qualities. All oils
evaporate, but with ours, PTFE ball bearings are left
behind with a rust inhibiting coating. When the oil is
applied to a bearing surface, the PTFE in the product will
remain on the surface indefinitely unless cleaned or worn
EXAMPLE: Lets say you oil a door hinge and work the oil
in, then close the door in 2007 and reopen that door in
2107, there would be no squeak. You would have millions
of PTFE ball bearings to cut down the friction no matter if
it's one day or one hundred years.