The Story of Puff-Lon
  The idea of Puff-Lon was first conceived over 20 years ago
while I was shooting malignant mistletoe out of tops of my trees
with my 22 rifle. After shooting a couple of boxes of rounds, I
started thinking, "Darn, I need to stop this fun and clean my gun." I
thought to myself, "Wouldn't be nice to have a cartridge that
cleaned and lubricated my gun every time I shot?" I then set out on
a journey to research all facts to ballistic operations and gun
mechanisms. After 12 long years of studying and dissecting the
problems and complexities of gun systems, I discovered a possible
answer to the challenges. Through my analysis, I found the
inefficiencies in the present cleaning and lubricating systems. After
5 additional years of testing, I was able to incorporate the very
best ideas and products to manufacture the most comprehensive
gun cleaning and lubricating system to be put on the market.
  I knew the system would need to be a gas-operated, cleaning
and lubricating system that worked from using the pressure inside
the chamber. Slip-stick behavior can cause pressure fluctuations
that can lead to barrel vibrations, but all this can cause lessened
by lubrication. From my research, I know that a compressed load
will have more predictable pressures and better consistency, so
this was added to the must-have-list of the product. More uniform
powder ignition and projectile travel, due to a smoother barrel, will
improve consistency thereby creating a more accurate gun. Since
the barrel will be smoother, there is less fouling from the powder
and the projectile. By making the product self-sealing, you can
slow down the hot gases, which blow past the projectile at over
20,000-FPS, from eating away the throat. The self-sealing would
also stop the soot that blows backward into the chamber that
makes the cartridge sometimes hard to eject. We knew, by making
all these things happen, the side effect will be an improvement in
accuracy by improving the consistency.
The new product needed to be:
Heat and cold resistant, Energy absorbing, Non-abrasive, Soot
absorbing, Cost efficient, Not hazardous, pH Balanced,
Non-reactive to gunpowder, Not effected by pressure,
Environmental and user friendly.
 The benefits of an innovative system would be lower
maintenance of the firearm while increasing its longevity.
Puff-Lon was put on the market in January 2002. Since then, we
have received 99% positive feedback. This product is the only
comprehensive gas operated, cleaning, and lubricating system on
the market. We know
Puff-Lon has the potential to make an
improvement in the life of any shooter.

  Dennis R Kessler

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