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Dan Bingham, of Tn.
Tested in : .45, .45 Cal Marlin
lever action, .44 Special
The Black Powder Cartridge News
Summer 2004, Issue #46
By: Steve Garbe
Product Review
Robert Evens, of South Wales, U.K.
Tested in:.44 Magnum
Russ Gilmore, of NY
Tested in: .45 Colt Revolvers
Hand Loader Magazine August 2004
Issue #230
By: R.H. VanDenburg, Jr.
Tested in: .45 Colt, .30-30, 30-06, and
Archie Melancon, of Fl.
Tested in: 32 S&W Long, .45 ACP
.45 Long Colt, 350 Norma Magnum
Adriano Miazzo, of Italy
Tested in: 5.6 X 50, .45-70
Shoot Magazine Nov./Dec. 2004 Vol.
By: Smith n' Jones
Product Review
Don Stein, of IN.
Four time World Champion
Cowboy action shooter
Tested in: Win. .38-56
Terry Wald, of MI
Tested in: 340 Weatherby Magnum
35 Whelen, 7 x 64 Brenneke
Mark Woronowicz, of NJ
Tested in: .44 Cal
Hand Loader Magazine
June 2005 #235
Clair Rees
Kathy Coats, of ND
Elwyn Brunner, of Mt.
Tested in: Corley Sharp 45-70
Hand Loader Magazine
June 2008
Clair Rees