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The ingredients in Puff-Lon are as follows:

Puff-Lon filler is made with dry, light weight powdered synthetic
lubricants and molybdenum disulfide impregnated into a light weight
100% natural cellulose (about 1/10th the weight of water, 1cc = about
15gr. of gunpowder in volume) that is able to withstand temperature in
excess of 650 degrees Fahrenheit that is compressible, and resilient.
Resiliency is very important to be sure that a compressed load is always
maintained and the position of the powder will not change. The
combination of dry lubricants slide together without sticking together to
create a better coefficient of friction that any one lubricant alone. The
lubricants, which are made of particles as small as .1 um and have the
capability of traveling with the gases. The product has been granulated
so it can be handled with the same ease as your gunpowder and has an
infinite shelve life. The lubricants have been formulated to avoid
excessive build-up in the barrel, while leaving a moisture resistant one
layer coating that is smoother than any known dry surface. The only
build-up of lubricant in the barrel are in the micro voids left by imperfect
machining and polishing of the barrel or in the pits of old eroded and
corroded barrels. The lubricants fill in the low points and voids where
the projectile never touch, this is where the copper and lead fouling
would normally start the building process by shaving off the fouling and
stuffing it into these cavities. We recommend cleaning the barrel as little
as possible but always oil your barrel before stowing it away. This will
give you less settling-in shots the next time you shoot.